About Us

BLUE SQUARE GROUP - Manufacturing Division

Blue Square Manufacturing facility  is located in Ayuttaya Province of Thailand.  The Production range covers almost all tabletop items required for restaurants, room service, buffet set up, spa, etc made from stainless steel and copper.  Ceramic, glassware and bronze are also used at times depending on the design and customer requirement.  In addition to developing our own designs, we also produce as per our customers' designs.  As the Products are handmade, normally there is no mould charges or minimum quantity requirements.  This gives the customers to have their own unique style and set up.

BLUE SQUARE GROUP - Hotel Supply Division

Blue Square Hotel Supply Division has been set up  to meet the increasing demands of our valued customers to provide them with items that are not included in our own manufacturing range. Main items handled are ceramic, glassware,, wooden products. Items like furniture, decorative items, etc are also available on request.

BLUE SQUARE GROUP - Imported Products Division

For our ASEAN Partners, we also have a range of imported products like Chocolate Fountains Chafing Dishes, Glass Products, Cutlery, Ceramics, etc.

BLUE SQUARE GROUP - Bio-Tech Division

As  a part of our contribution towards a sustainable world and improve quality of human life, we are introducing a series of natural friendly Products.  The first one in the series is packing for food products from non-wood fibre, which means no trees to be cut down. The Products are food safe and can hold temperaturs from -40 Degree upto 250 Degree C. Food can be forzen or microwable and can hold water boiling at 100 Deg C or oil at 150 Deg C without leaking.  At extreme temperatures it will not produce styerene  which causes cancer unless plastic or foam.  More importantly, it is biodegradable  within 45 days by landfil. Give a helping hand to the world.

The Website presents you only a small part of our Products and therefore request you to contact us for any of your special tabletop requirements,