Delivery Information

Delivery and Shipment

Blue Square  will make every effort to ship or deliver  the products or provide the services  in accordance with the requested delivery date, provided that Blue Square accepts no liability for any losses or for general, special or consequential damages arising out of delays in delivery. All shipment or delivery charges will be borne by the Buyer unless agreed in advance.Delivery takes place ex Factory  or Office or Godown  We are not liable for damage or loss of goods during delivery. If not otherwise stated, we choose shipment and packaging to the best of our knowledge. We are not subject to compulsory insurance. Insurance or special packaging will be done at the request of Buyer with the charges being borne by the Buyer.


Buyer shall be responsible for inspecting all products shipped or delivered hereunder prior to acceptance, provided, that if, Buyer shall not have given Blue Sqare  written notice of non-conformity within 3  days following receipt by  Buyer, the products shall be deemed to have been accepted by Buyer.

Warranties and returns

All efforts shall be made to ensure that The products are supplied within the agreed specification and functionality. Any models,  samples, sketches or drawings furnished to the Buyer is merely illustrative of the general type and quality of goods and does not represent that the products will conform in all aspects.  Buyer's remedies under Blue Square warranty shall be limited to repair or replacement of the product or component thereof which failed to the specification.  No other express or implied warranty is made with respect to the Products or services.    No Product shall be returned  without written permission from Blue Square.